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Overcome The Obesity Gene Curse

Medical researchers have known for quite some time that obesity has a genetic link within the human body. This genetic component makes it easy for certain individuals to pack on the extra pounds while others with the same dietary habits remain far leaner. The good news is that researchers have discovered those genetically predisposed to obesity can overcome this predisposition. In a recent study of Amish people, those with the obesity-related gene FTO, present in more than half of all people of European descent, who were very much physically active weighed the same as those without the obesity-related gene. Researchers were able to conclude that vigorous activity was able to more or less deactivate the effects of this extremely common obesity-related gene. Changes in lifestyle, primarily the reduction in physical activity, have made the effects of this gene much more pronounced than in the past. Therefore, it's time to get active and join us in saying, no more excuses!

Source: Arch Intern Med. 2008;168(16):1791-1797.